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Our Requirements for a State or County Coordinator can be found on the About Page. This page is for the people who don't have time to devote to a State or County WebSite.  We offer other volunteer services you can provide to help AHGP Grow!!

Adopt a Town, or Township ~ Many towns have great histories and provide information on the citizens who lived there.  By adding this to AHGP, others will be able to find the information you contributed.

Guest Editor ~ Sometimes people need assistance with their website, a person volunteer to have a good knowledge of html.  Others may need assistance with writing articles, there are many knowledgeable persons but just don't think they will do a professional job with their writing.

Obituary Transcriber ~ Many newspapers in your home town, for including their publication along with the obituary, will often let you transcribe them to go online.

Maps ~ People are always looking for maps, to find that exact spot where their ancestors lived.  Many are available online and are free to copy as they are from a government organization.  Maps for any state are helpful to the webmaster of the state. This would require that the volunteer have knowledge of graphic programs.

Photographs ~ A great place to take photographs are in Cemeteries.  Historical buildings in the town where you live are great also.

Cemetery Records ~ There are many records to be obtained at the Cemetery, photos and the inscriptions from the stones.  These can be done right in the area where you live.  People will often request photos of graves. 

Church Records ~ There are many books with Church Records, these can be transcribed.  Ministers will sometimes let you transcribe records before certain dates.

History Transcribers, Books prior to 1927 can be transcribed, census records, military records, these can be found at many sites on the internet.

Free web space is provided at GenealogyVillage for any AHGP website or other Genealogy and History sites.

Did you find something you would like to do?
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